Luke Five - Following Jesus to deep waters

Making disciples of all nations.

E62 – Missions, PTSD, and Mid-life Crises

Many prepare for the initial sacrifice, but few think about the costs the rest of their lives.

Its been a while since we posted anything.  After I posted this episode I thought of a dozen different things I wish I had said or added, so maybe I’ll make a part 2 down the road.

Discovery Bible Study – Helping people discover Jesus with their freinds

The Discovery Bible study was originally created overseas in order to give people seeking Jesus a way to discover Jesus. It can be used in all sorts situations from a group of lost people studying the Bible (under the influence of a disciple maker) to new believers classes, to youth groups and Sunday Schools. I’m not sure who first came up with it, but I ran into this form of it from Contagious Disciple Making whose information is listed below.

Discovery Bible Study – This is the copy you give to be used by seekers.

Discovery Bible Study with DNA – This is the copy you use or give to someone who wants to understand Discovery Bible Studies.

The Discovery Bible study is usually used with a chronological story set designed to take a person from Creation and the fall of man to the resurrection of Christ.  Each story set has to be adapted to the culture or people group using it, but here are two lists you can consider starting with.

Calvary Road Ministries has two story sets that can be used.  You can see their first story list here.

From Contagious Disciple Making.  This book has a whole chapter on starting Discovery groups and using the Discovery Bible Study. It is one of my favorite books on disciple making.  Also, check out their website for other useful information.

1 Gen 1:1-25 Creation:   God created the World
2 Gen 2:4-24 Creation: Creation of Man
3 Gen 3:1-13 The Fall: First sin and judgement
4 Gen 3:14-24 The Fall: Judgement of a sinful world
5 Gen 6:1 – 9:17 The Fall: The flood
6 Gen 12:1-8, 15:1-6 Redemption: God’s promise to Abram
7 Gen 22:1-19 Redemption: Abraham offers Isaac as a Sacrifice
8 Ex 12:1-28 Redemption: The promise of Passover
9 Ex 20:1-21 Redemption: The ten Commandments
10 Lev 4:1-35 Redemption: The sacrificial system
11 Is 53 Redemption: Isaiah Foreshadows the coming promise
12 Luke 1:26-38, 2:1-20 Redemption: The birth of Jesus
13 Mt 3, John 1:29-34 Redemption: Jesus is Baptised
14 Mt 4:1-11 Redemption: The temptation of Christ
15 John 3:1-21 Redemption: Jesus and Nicodemus
16 John 4: 1-26, 39-42 Redemption: Jesus and the Woman at the well
17 Luke 5:17-26 Redemption: Jesus forgives and heals
18 Mark 4:35-41 Redemption: Jesus calms the storm
19 Mark 5:1-20 Redemption: Jesus casts out evil spirits
20 John 11:1-44 Redemption: Jesus raises Lazurus from the dead
21 Matthew 26:26-30 Redemption: The first Lord’s supper
22 John 18 – 19:16 Redemption: Jesus is betrayed and condemned
23 Luke 23:32-56 Redemption: Jesus is crucified
24 Luke 24:1-35 Redemption: Jesus Conquers Death
25 Luke 24:36-53 Redemption: Jesus appears and ascends
26 John 3:1-21 Redemption: We have a choice

Contact us if you have questions or need help using it. Maybe sometime in the near future, we will do a podcast episode on it.

E61 – Story of the Ne’er-do-well

Who are the ne’er-do-wells in your life?  What are their stories?


This is the talk I mentioned: Tea with Hezbollah: Is it possible to love your enemy? Carl Medearis

He has a book with a similar title if you are interested in reading the book called Tea with Hezbollah: Sitting at the Enemies’ Table

I told a little bit of the story from Peace Child. If you liked what you heard I encourage you to read the whole book.

E60 – Hitting the 20 mile wall

Learning to run

Run a marathon

Not a sprint

A marathon

And, run it well

“If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men.” 1 Cor 15:19 (NIV)

E59 – When God asks you to play second fiddle… or third… or fourth

What do you do when God asks you to play second fiddle? What do you do when His plan for you is not fame and glory, but anonymity and unrecognized work? Will you follow Him?

E58 – Perseverance and Encouragement

Ironically, a short episode on perseverance and encouragement.

E57 – Are you all in?

Are you all in when it comes to the Kingdom?  What does it mean to be all in?  How do we help grow the people to disciple to be all in?  In this episode, we address some of those questions as well as some of our own struggles in those areas.


Audible book suggestion:

(If you like audiobooks you should strongly consider signing up for an Audible subscription from Amazon. You get two books per month for often less than the price of one audiobook.)

E56 – The Silence of Easter

Imagine what it would have been like to be a soldier guarding the tomb. It’s silent. It’s quiet.

Until it isn’t.

E55 – Learning to pray the scriptures

Prayer is hard, and if we were honest with ourselves, most of us struggle to have the kind of prayer life we really think we should.  Today, we are going to be talking about a really great way to grow your prayers and your prayer life.  We’ll be talking about praying God’s words back to Him.  It is super powerful, and really good to spur us on toward better prayers.  Included in today’s episode will be an example and opportunity for you to pray through a passage in Matt 13 together with us.

E54 – Case Study – Disciple A – Part 5

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