Disciple Making Movement (DMM) Defined

Here is a quote I wanted to share with you from a couple of articles on discipleship.org. Disciple Making Movements Defined A disciple making movement exists when churches* plant churches through gospel activity that has abundant fruit among the lost, that multiplies these disciples (people growing in obedience to all of Jesus’ commands) who in […]

E40 – Nerf Gun Fights and Other Ways to Disciple Your Children – Dr Tracy McElhattan

Dr. Tracy McElhattan joins us to discuss ideas and routines to help you disciple your children. Tracy is the Director of Early Childhood Ministries at a church in Kansas. Prior to working in vocational ministry, she taught early childhood special education or worked in educational research for 13 years. She also writes and edits Sunday […]

E39 – Case Study: Disciple “A”

This is a case study on how to disciple someone.  In order to give you a look into what we are doing, I will be sharing what I am doing on a regular basis with a man I’ll call “Disciple A.”  I hope you enjoy this format, and I hope it will give you insights […]

E38 – Being among the lost like yeast

“Some want to live within the sound Of church or chapel bell; I want to run a rescue shop, Within a yard of hell.” ― C.T. Studd Yeast is does no good sitting inside a yeast package.  It has to mix with the flour before it serves a purpose. Book mentioned: Concentric Circles of Concern: […]

E37 – Answering questions like Jesus

How did Jesus answer questions? Have you ever thought about that?  Have you ever wished you could have Jesus pinch hit for you when you were asked a hard question.  Today we are going to look at how Jesus answered questions, and we are using the background of a recent controversy a certain Christian singer […]

E36 – Discipleship Multiplier – The Math of Disciple Making

Download the Discipleship Multiplier now. When I finally “got” disciple making it really changed my world.  It changed the way I followed Jesus, and it changed the way I viewed successful ministry. One day I was reading an example of how the math of disciple-making worked.  Unfortunately, their math was wrong, or at least it […]

E35 – The Power of a God-led Act of Kindness

How much power is in a God-led act of kindness?  We’ll never know if we don’t give it a shot.  There is a lot of power when we open our eyes, ears, and hands to participate in what God brings our way. Resources mentioned: Alex and Hannah Absalom on stopping to listen to God.  

E34 – How to Disciple Someone to Study the Bible on Their Own

We all know disciples of Jesus need to be able to study the Bible on their own, but how do we teach them? Do we spoon feed them for years with the hopes they will eventually be able to read and apply God’s word to their lives, or do we do something more intentional?  We […]

E33 – The Methods of Jesus (Part Matthew)

“You can’t take the teachings of Jesus and separate them from the methods of Jesus and get the results of Jesus.” – Jim Putman Let’s take an aerial overview from Matthew and see what we can discover about the methods Jesus used. How did Jesus use His time?  Who was He with? What did He […]