E30 – 4 Essential Practices for Cross-Cultural Disciple Making

Did you realize that if you have been following Jesus for more than two years you are no longer the same culture as your unbelieving neighbor? In fact, while we often think of cross-cultural disciple making as involving people from different countries, there are actually all kinds of different cultures everywhere… even in your hometown. […]

E29 – Disciple Makers Love Their Enemies

One of Jesus’ most famous commands is to “love our enemies.”  Do we dare obey such an unusual command?  Do we dare disobey it? Today in America it is election day.  So, in that vein, we’ll talk some about our political enemies, and how we can obey Jesus’ command to love our enemies. In the […]

E28 – 4 Tips for Frustrated Disciple Makers

Have you ever felt like you were the only one who cared about something, such as Disciple Making, in your church?  Here are 4 tips for those of you who find yourself frustrated.  Whether you are frustrated with your church, frustrated with the people you are discipling, or just frustrated with everything, these tips will […]

DW Short 02 – Jesus Perspective on Refugees

Is there a Biblical perspective on refugees?  What would Jesus say about them?  What should you and I do as followers of Jesus in regard to refugees? On the podcast, I didn’t mention Matthew 25:31-46, but it is the next logical passage to consider after Matthew 2:13-18.  Other passages we should consider as we weigh […]

E27 – 7 Questions To Ask the People You Disciple

Here are 7 questions I (James) like to ask when I am discipling someone.  On the show, I talk a little more about the components of a meeting with people you are discipling, as well as fleshing out the importance of each of these questions. How have you been lately? How are you? How is […]

E26 – Watering the Seeds of Healing

What do you do when you, or the person you are discipling needs healing?  We all know that only God can bring real healing, but what can we do to water the seeds of healing that God has planted there? In this episode, we are talking about counseling.  Sometimes we give it, other times we […]

E25 – Stop Praying Stupid Prayers and other disciple making resources

In this episode, we wanted to share some other disciple making resources. As John Kelsey mentioned a few weeks ago it really does take a village to make a disciple. I (James) wanted to share with you some of the other resources I use. Also, I wanted to talk about something I heard on “Revitalize […]

E24 – Being Teachable and Finding People to Disciple in Your Church – Kevin Braddock

Today we’re speaking with Kevin Braddock about being teachable and about finding people to disciple in his church. Kevin has been discipled and has been discipling people for 20 years. He also has one mentor who has been discipling him for 10 years. Kevin shares some very practical things he does in order to remain […]

E23 – John Kelsey on Developing Generations of Intentional Disciplemakers (part 2)

Today we are continuing our talk with John Kelsey on the things necessary to develope multiple generations of intentional disciple makers.  You can see his entire post below. Today, we will be focusing on the last 3 points. And, by the way, you need to rely a lot more on the Holy Spirit than you do […]

Bonus episode – Todd Tillman on discipling daughters

When I interviewed Todd earlier this summer, we found ourselves discussing what it was like to disciple his daughters. It didn’t fit in the discussion we were having for that episode, so I saved it as a bonus episode for now. Other episodes with Todd: Episode 16 Todd Tillman – Disciple making with a full […]