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E15 – John Allison – Discipling and Reaching Millennials

What do you hear about millennials?  How are they going to affect your church?  How do you reach and disciple millennials?  John shares some amazing insights and practical applications from his daily interactions and observations of the students he works with every day.  He also goes into some great missional strategy for reaching more people and expanding the kingdom of God deeper into a group.

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E14 – John Allison – Making Disciples in a Lost paradise

There is a set of islands many people think of as paradise, but it is a LOST paradise. How do you reach 65,000 students on those islands that are 97% unreached? While most of the students have heard of Jesus, very few of them have ever heard the good news of Jesus in a way that is personal and relevant. How do you begin to plan for such a task?

John and his coworkers’ main method to accomplish this goal is…. drum roll… disciple making.  The answer is simple… but it’s not easy.  Today you can hear John share some about their challenges, successes, and methods they are using to create a disciple making priority in order to reach every student.

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Growing Up: How to Be a Disciple Who Makes Disciples by Robby Gallaty

E13 – Why Deep Water?

Why do we call this the “Deep Water Podcast – Learning to make disciples like Jesus did?” Deep water isn’t just a place where we can’t touch bottom. It’s not the place where we have to swim, or where we are barely keeping our head above water.  No, deep water is the place where Jesus uses us to fish for men… so many that our nets begin to break.

Resources: Mountain rain: A biography of James O. Fraser, pioneer missionary of China (An OMF book)

E12 – Inviting someone to be discipled

Asking someone if they would like to be discipled is a little like asking someone on a date… it can be a little awkward. What if he doesn’t want to be discipled?  What if she thinks she should be discipling me? What if he/she says yes, then what?

The good news is discipleship isn’t about you.  It’s about God.  Here we’ll share some of our thoughts, stories, and experiences… good and bad.  Listen in to find some good ways to ask someone if they would like to be discipled… by you.

E11 – Discipling men in prison with Chester Kimber

What does it mean to disciple the least and the last? What would it look like to disciple a man behind bars? Listen to Dave and Chester talk about ministering to men in prison through a ministry called Kairos.  It will likely change your perspective on men in prison.  I (James) know as I begin to learn more about prison ministry it changed some of mine.

Dalhart, TX Kairos – Donate or get involved in the Dalhart unit Kairos

Kairos International – Find a Kairos in your area


E10 – Is there room in your canoe

What is one of the most important resources you have in disciple making?  Your time.  How do you manage and use it wisely?  What kind of room would Jesus have you make in your canoe? 

In this episode, Dave and James share how they are wrestling with this in their lives, and share some encouragement on some steps to take.

To see the picture of the pickup James talks about click here.

E09 – Ken Willis – Dealing with grief

Do you say the top thing you should not to say to people who are grieving?

As we grow in Christ, we have to learn to minister to others.  One of the areas we minister in is to people who are grieving.  I invited Ken Willis onto our show today to talk about his experiences and what he has learned from 20+ years of dealing with people who are in various forms and stages of grieving.

Daniel McNaughton – Growing disciple making in a church (part 2)

In this episode, Daniel talks about some of the things he did when he planted a church that resulted in people coming to faith almost every week, and then the burden that put on him to disciple them. Out of that burden, grew a plan for helping grow disciple makers in their church.  He’ll also share about dealing with conflict in the discipling relationship, where to start if no one ever discipled you, and much more.


Follow: Learning to Follow Jesus

Spiritual Coaching Toolkit: A Guide for Helping Others Follow Jesus

7 Questions to ask someone you are discipling

One of the big things people who are new to discipling ask is, “What do I DO/SAY when I meet with someone to disciple them?”

Ultimately, it can be a lot of different things and you should spend more time with them then just when you are specifically meeting to disciple.  However, it is really useful to go in armed with good questions.  The reason we emphasize questions instead of statements is that we are wanting to see what is going on inside their lives so we can provide the correct thing to help them grow.

Think about when you went to see your doctor the last time.  The doctor didn’t just walk in and say, “Take one z-pack and you’ll feel fine.”

No, what he/she did was start by asking questions. They were diagnosing you so they could provide the right treatment.

When we ask questions we are diagnosing the person we are discipling.  We are trying to see what is going on inside him/her so that we can provide the thing he/she needs to grow. Often this might be a Bible passage, or an obedience item, encouragement, or just more time together.

I think in the ideal discipleship time you would spend some time asking them questions, praying, and looking at the scripture together.

Here are 7 questions I got from a man who did a lot of cross-cultural disciple making overseas.

7 Questions:

  1. How have you been lately?
  2. How is your family?
  3. Have you had any difficulties lately?
  4. How has God been working in your life?
  5. How is your relationship with the Father?
  6. What is God teaching you through His Word?
  7. How is your prayer life?

Then you might ask other specific questions based on what you know is going on with the disciple.  As you can see these 7 basic questions cover almost everything in a disciple’s life.

Once you have asked the questions spend some time praying together.  Remember we can’t do anything without God (John 15:5b). Then you might go through a Bible passage or other curriculum together. (In my opinion, just going through a curriculum without other life questions is less likely to grow someone into a disciple and a disciple maker.)

Are there other questions you like to ask?

Daniel McNaughton – Learning from Jesus how to make disciples

Favorite quotes from the episode:
“If I did this would I look like one of the disciples that followed Jesus and was willing to give their lives and reach the entire world for Christ.”

“Then you have Matthew, who has those parties. He invites Jesus because he knows Jesus will be great at a party with lost people.”

“Jesus talked less than I expected and ask more questions.”

Dr. Daniel McNaughton is serving as professor of practical ministries and Old Testament in Southeastern University’s Barnett College of Ministry & Theology in 2016.

Before going to SEU, he served in executive pastor roles at Christian Life Assembly in Camp Hill, PA (2015–2016) and Allison Park Church in Pittsburgh, PA (2011–2012). He also serves as a consultant and coach for Learning to Follow Ministries (2009–present), helping leaders throughout the Northeast Region develop healthy, empowering, and multiplying churches.

He was the founder and lead pastor of Spring Valley Community Church in Royersford, Pennsylvania, where he served for 6 years (2005–2011). He is the author of the book “Learning to Follow Jesus,” which is currently being used in over 100 churches in the U.S. and internationally. The book helps people grow in seven essential attributes of the follower of Jesus while under the care and encouragement of a spiritual coach. He served for two years as the lead trainer for church planters with the Church Multiplication Network of the Assemblies of God (2010–2011). Before that he served as a Bible and Church Ministries professor at University of Valley Forge for over a decade (1995–2007)

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