E16 – Todd Tillman – Disciple making with a full time job (part 1)

How do you make disciples with a full-time job? It is one of the biggest questions we hear.  Todd shares some of the challenges he has faced in learning to make disciples while still holding down a 40+ hour a week job and taking care of his family. He’ll also share what he has learned […]

Bonus Episode: John Allison – Mission work, partnership, and strategy in Japan

Bonus episode. What does it look like to partner cross-culturally?  How can a short-term team be used well?  How do we strategically engage in mission work?

Inoculating Your Children from the Good News of Jesus

我不太了解耶稣。I must have gotten a funny look on my face because what that means is “I’m not very familiar with Jesus.” The evening started with me calling a DiDi car (the equivalent of an Uber). Somewhere along the way I mentioned God and he proceeded to tell me that he was also a Christian. I […]