We just moved back to the USA from working with a UPG (Unreached People Group) in Asia.  The people are great, but they are LOST… I mean REALLY LOST.  There are only a few churches (less than 20) and the oldest churches are about 10-15 years old… as are the pastors. There are probably less than 3o cross cultural workers focusing on this UPG in this country.  About 6,000,000 LOST people. There is less than 0.5% who are following Jesus.  I mean that is LOST!

As we are settling back into America and looking at where to settle down and live we would like to continue living and working around the LOST and unreached.  So, in our perspective town I’m doing some research about areas with higher concentrations of people who do not know Jesus… LOST.  There is one area in the NE part of town where there are a bunch of refugees that continues to come up as an area of LOSTNESS, and it is. However, as we are looking it up there are about 16 churches within 2 miles of this area, at least some of which are focused on reaching the internationals who live there.  Maybe some churches are good and maybe some are bad.  Some are engaging them and there are probably some who are not.  But still, there are a number of churches there.

On one hand, we are so excited that churches are attempting to reach out to this area of LOSTNESS.  On the other hand, my heart breaks a little as I think about my people in Asia and others UPGs, many of whom will die without hearing the name of Jesus.

Jesus said He came to seek and save the LOST.

Let us engage the LOST here, but let us not stop there.  We can do better than that.  We are the body of Christ!