What do you do when you, or the person you are discipling needs healing?  We all know that only God can bring real healing, but what can we do to water the seeds of healing that God has planted there?

In this episode, we are talking about counseling.  Sometimes we give it, other times we need to receive it, and still other times a professional counselor can be very useful at helping bring emotional and spiritual healing.

To some people, getting counseling is like admitting they are weak or that there is something wrong with them. (Which is actually true for all of us.)  It’s like there is a stigma with going to a professional counselor.  The fact is, we all either have gone through or will go through difficult times, and so will the people we disciple.  We may or may not need a professional counselor, but let’s weigh our options carefully and see what resources God provides.  One of those resources might be professional Christian counselors.