Here are 7 questions I (James) like to ask when I am discipling someone.  On the show, I talk a little more about the components of a meeting with people you are discipling, as well as fleshing out the importance of each of these questions.

  1. How have you been lately? How are you?
  2. How is your family?
  3. Have you had any difficulties or something that stressed you out since we last met?
    1. Alternate question: In what ways has Satan been trying to attack you this week? (I don’t use this one often because I want the focus to be on Jesus, not the enemy.  However, sometimes its a great question to ask.)
  4. How has God been working in your life?
  5. How is your relationship with God?
  6. What is God teaching you through His Word?
  7. How is your prayer life?

Each of these questions are asked in the current context.  (… this week? or …. since we last met?)

Also, if you need these in another language let us know and we’ll see if we have someone who can translate them.

What are other questions you like to use?