I should have posted this last week when I saw it, but I didn’t get around to it.  So, because of COVID-19 the National Disciple Making Forum is online for free this year.  It was today and then tomorrow. If you have time I encourage you to take some of it in.  If you don’t have time they have an option where you can purchase access to all of the breakout sessions and videos for 1 year for around $80.


Best quotes from the day.

“Obedience is God’s love language.” -Joanne Kraft

“I must practice what Jesus preaches before I preach what Jesus practices.” -Joanne Kraft.

So, Joanne wins for the best quotes.  I probably enjoyed the talk “The Disciple Making Movement Solution” by Shodankeh Johnson the best.  There was lots of good stuff, and it was great gathering together with several thousand other people to concentrate on disciple making.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.