I’m really excited to tell you all that we will be launching our new podcast in the next few days.  Its going to be called the Deep Water Podcast – Learning to make disciples the way Jesus did.  Read Luke 5 again.  Jesus tells Peter to put his boat out into Deep Water.  That is where we want to be.  Out in Deep Water… with Jesus in the boat.

Dave and I have literally been working on putting together this podcast since Jan or Feb.  Besides the basics of figuring out what we are going to talk about… we have been learning:
about mics
about how to edit the audio after we record it
music rights
photo editing
podcast hosting
website integration
and much much more…

I’ll be honest, it has taken more work to get it up and going than I would have thought possible. However, we have several episodes recorded  and we’ve already interviewed several great guests. We are excited to share them with you. 

You may see the first few episodes on our website before you can get them on iTunes or your podcast player, but once you see them here they should be up and running everywhere in just a few days.   

We are super excited about it.  We hope you’ll subscribe and listen.

Also, we’d love to get your feedback as we go along.  If its just Dave and I using our minds then we might as well call each other on the phone because it won’t be a good podcast. However, if we get a group of people who love Jesus and want to make disciples better who give us feedback and suggestions then we can make something really useful for a lot of people.

Come along with us!