Here are some of the books and materials that have had the biggest influence on my disciple-making.  I hope they are helpful to you, too!

I really recommend going through Real-Life Discipleship Training Manual: Equipping Disciples Who Make Disciples with a friend or small group. If you can go through it with someone who is already making disciples that is the best way. Definitely get the paper back version of this book unless you are overseas and can’t ship it.

Written by Avery Willis, Truth that Sticks: How to Communicate Velcro Truth in a Teflon World. expands on Chapter 12 of Real-Life Discipleship Training Manual above.

Contagious Disciple Making: Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery by David Watson and Paul Watson. This outlines both the changes in thinking needed to really create a disciple making movement as well as outlining seven key strategies that have to be in place if you want to see a large Disciple Making Movement.
1. Being a Disciple who makes Disciples
2. Prayer – Massive amounts of it
3. Engaging groups of lost people
4. Find people of peace – or being found by them
5. Starting discovery groups
6. Forming churches
7. Leadership development