Right now, I feel like I have about three full-time jobs.  Naturally, none of them are going exceptionally well. Besides this my wife and I are raising our three daughters in a foreign country where everything takes longer to accomplish… if it can even be done at all.  It is not unusual for me to start the day at 8:30 and still be working on things at 11:00 that evening.

Besides all of that, I have some pretty serious back issues that make it painful for me to sit up for long periods of time or lift very much.  This makes my wife have to do more physically than is healthy for her.  Two of my daughters have dealt/are dealing with speech delays and the other daughter has been struggling with hives for about 6 months.  Getting good treatment anywhere near us is impossible.

You can imagine the range of emotions I experience regularly.

Then a few days ago, I ran into this quote from Max Lucado from his book “Just like Jesus: a Heart like His.”

What if, for one day, Jesus were to become you?

What if, for twenty-four hours, Jesus wakes up in your bed, walks in your shoes, lives in your house, assumes your schedule? Your boss becomes His boss, your mother becomes his mother, you pains become his pains?  With one exception, nothing about your life changes. Your health doesn't change. Your circumstances don't change. Your schedule isn't altered. Your problems are solved. Only one change occurs.

What if, for one day and one night, Jesus lives your life with his heart? Your heart gets the day off, and your life is lead by the heart of Christ. His priorities govern your actions.  His passions drive your decisions. His love directs your behavior.

What would you be like?"

Ouch. What would Jesus’ heart do in my current life?

I have been mulling this over for a few weeks now. I do not have all the answers yet, but here is some of what I am mulling over. If I lived my life for a day with Jesus’s heart I would:

  • …not spend as much time thinking about myself.
  • …build better friendships with locals.
  • …be more engaging to the people I cross paths with throughout the day.
  • …be all present wherever I was.
  • …have better boundaries.
  • …ask more direct questions (with love).
  • …spend more time in prayer and let other less important things go.
  • …be more forgiving to those around me.
  • …be willing to stay in awkward cultural situations longer.
  • …be more patient with my children.
  • …stop worrying about what people think of me.

and the list goes on and on….

What about you?  What would change in your life?  What would you do?  What would you not do?  How would you treat people? Where would you be?

Let me know what you think would be different in the comments.