I just read a great blog post about dealing with dissappointment in disciple making , and Craig brought up something really cool about Mark.

Think about this. Mark was such a poor disciple that he left Paul and Barnabus on his first missionary journey with them. Barnabus’ desire to take Mark with them again caused Paul and Barnabus to split up their work. Things aren’t looking so great for Mark right now.

Yet, God changes Mark and later not only will Paul say,”bring Mark because He is useful to me,”(2 Tim 4:10-14) but God will also use Mark to write one of the four Gospels of Jesus… the book of Mark.

You may be looking back on your life right now and find yourself unsatisfied with how you have lived for Jesus and with the fruit you have born.  Don’t be discouraged and don’t give up.  Surrender yourself fully to God and you will be amazed at the fruit He can bring in your life.

If you (and me) have failed in our walk we are in good company. Consider these names mentioned in the Bible: David, Peter, and Paul.  Just a quick glance will show you all of these men had some major failing points in their lives, but that isn’t what we remember them for.  We remember them for what God did through them in their lives.  Warts and all, God still uses them and He will use you, too.