In this episode, we wanted to share some other disciple making resources. As John Kelsey mentioned a few weeks ago it really does take a village to make a disciple. I (James) wanted to share with you some of the other resources I use. Also, I wanted to talk about something I heard on “Revitalize and Replant” about praying stupid prayers and how we can pray powerful prayers instead.

There are lots of resources.  Here are some I like. – Sign up for the National Disciple Making Forum in Nashville, TN October 25-26th.  Also, tons of great resources, ebooks, a podcast, and more. – This podcast is all about strengthening and replanting stagnant and dying churches. Its got some really good wisdom from personal experience. Its useful to anyone in a stagnant or dying church, but specifically the pastor or other leadership. It is also useful if you are in a healthy church and would like to help a dying church near you.