How do you disciple your future son-in-law while he is in a drug rehab program before he has even met your daughter?  How do you welcome someone coming out of jail and drugs into your house?  Listen to Kris share about the way his church actively brings people into ministry to others, and then listen to his story of how he met and begin discipling a man who would one day become his son-in-law.

You can hear Stephen‘s story on Episode 49.  You can hear Brook‘s story on Episode 48.

This is Kris’ story. His story is more than just how he discipled his future son-in-law. In this story you will hear about how following Jesus permeates his life. You’ll hear about how his church helps pull people into hands on ministry, about ministry to the homeless in OKC, God using them in Liberia, and much more.

This is Kris’s story.